About Us

There are many companies that rely on software for almost every aspect of their business but not necessarily build or sell a software product/service. This kind of companies does not require a full-time software engineering team. there are also companies that develop and sell software products and services that require some additional help from time to time.

We see ourselves as an extended technology team for this kind of companies. We have worked with companies of various sizes operating in various markets like Food Processing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Finance etc.

We are a multi-disciplinary design and development studio and we work with enterprises and start-ups to design and develop software products and services. We also help our clients in hiring developers and designers, launch and market their products. 

So whether you run a legacy business or an innovative start-up, if you need any help with technology or just want to get an opinion on anything related to technology you can reach out to us.


We partner with other agencies, consultants, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms, businesses, and start-ups to drive our sales. It comes with benefits of course.
If you are interested in becoming a partner, you know how to find us.

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