Training Data

We provide high-quality training and validation data powered by human intelligence to companies working on the AI space and help them better their machine learning models and algorithms.

When it comes to training data for machine learning models, The quality and amount of training data is often the single most dominant factor that determines the performance of a model. We support standard label criteria ( cars, pedestrians, cyclists, Road Signs etc.) but we are open to annotate images according to your specific criteria. We employ methods like Bounding Boxes and Semantic Segmentation to provide industry grade training data.


We do a variety of operations on large amounts of data that include but are not limited to data collection, categorization, clean up, data sorting, verification, format conversion, transcription, digitization of data etc. We have a trained and scalable workforce to manage a large amount of data.

We provide data services like Translation and content moderation in multiple Indian languages along with English. Social media faces this menacing problem of fake news and ate speech. Companies, mainly in the E Commerce space need to moderate the reviews customers post on various websites to manage their reputation and provide valuable feed back. 

Get high quality training data for your ML models with our human-in-the-loop data annotation services


Autonomous Vehicles

We provide high-quality training and validation data for companies working in the autonomous vehicle industry to develop computer vision and machine learning models.

Medical Imagery

Diagnosis of medical conditions and ailments are being automated rapidly and we work with experts in this field to annotate and tag sensitive medical data.


Factories are getting automated both large and small and working on training data for computer vision systems is a big

E Commerce

We help with product tagging and category classification for all products in E Commerce websites. It helps you list the right products in the right searches and thereby increasing the probability of sales.