Data Services

With the increase in number of connected devices, there is an enormous amount of data that is being generated. There are also new ways to read and interpret data that aid companies in improving their sales and processes. 

We work with innovative companies that want to use their data wisely to stay ahead of the competition and  to improve their processes. Whether it be Artificial Intelligence or Advanced Machine Learning applications, we have the capability to hire, train and manage a large workforce to take care of your data operation needs.


The successes of businesses are largely determined by how well they offer their support to customers. It changes from industry to industry and from sector to sector.

We work with startups and enterprises to provide the best support possible through channels like Email, Voice and Chat.

Get professionally managed data verification and support services.


Data Services

Data is gold. A wealth of data are generated with the increase in the number of connected devices.  Data drives important technological and business decisions. We have the ability to handle and operate on large data sets and derive results.

Support Services

For customer driven companies we offer completely managed customer support services. We work with our clients closely in building our systems and feedback loops so that we have a bit of our client's culture built into our team and have their requirements met.

Sales Services

Sales drives every business forward. Whether it is inbound sales or outbound sales, we have the know-how on how to handle different products and services.  

Marketing Services

We believe that marketing is helping the other person achieve what they want. It is a very important part of our belief system. We market our services and products this way and we help our clients see marketing the way we do.

Scalable Workforce

We are located in one of the fastest growing cities of India surrounded by great educational institutions. We have a large talent pool and the capability to hire and manage a large workforce in a relatively short time period. 

Impact Sourcing

We believe in giving back to the society and we are on the process of making all our hires for the data services sector from the socially and economically disadvantaged section of the society. It is a goal we are moving towards steadily.