Customer support has been the Achilles heel for a lot of high growth companies and it is a problem that plagues companies that start out as well. In order to have a customer support system that exceeds expectations, you need to have a team that is educated, trained and at its heels ready to face any issue. 

We provide a team that not just takes care of customer support but also works with you in devising methods to serve customer pain points, process improvements and product features etc. We work with startups and enterprises irrespective of the industry vertical. Please reach out to us to know more.


Sales cures all. Whatever business you are in, you are always selling something. It doesn't mean that sales is the only problem a business has but when you take care of sales and the money starts rolling in, it becomes possible to solve any other problem that arises.

Sales doesn't come naturally to most people. It is a skill you need to acquire. We have the expertise to train people to sell products and services to businesses and consumers. We work with our clients to create a sales deck that is tailored for the product and the customer. It is a process that takes time but nevertheless worth it.

Great customer service needs a great team. We build you a great team.


Customer Support

For customer-driven companies, we offer completely managed customer support services. We work with our clients closely in building our systems and feedback loops so that we have a bit of our client's culture built into our team and have their requirements met.

Outbound Sales

Outbound sales is much more than knowing when and how to reach your prospect. It involves getting to know your customer and their needs, in which we are trained and experienced.

Multi-language Support

Multiple language capability becomes a necessity when doing a business in a country like India. We are capable of selling your products and services in multiple Indian languages and English as well.

Inbound Sales

If you are not converting your inbound inquiries, you are very unlikely to make any outbound sales. We help our clients to covert their inbound inquiries into sales numbers.