ML Ops as a Service

ML Ops is a set of practices that aims to improve the reliability and operational efficiency of machine learning (ML) systems in production. It combines elements of machine learning, DevOps (a software development methodology that emphasizes collaboration and communication), and data engineering to standardize the processes involved in the lifecycle of ML systems.

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We provide MLOps as a services for Startups, Enterprises and Small Businesses.

Transparent pricing

Get our pricing upfront. No surprises and we offer a free of cost PoC.

Project management

You'll be assigned a project manager who'll be your liason and who'll help you with all your queries and support you throughout the project.

Multiple engagement models

Remote teams, End to end product development or managed offshore delivery centre, we work on multiple models.

What do we mean?

With Machine Learning Model Operationalization Management (MLOps), we want to provide an end-to-end machine learning development process to design, build and manage reproducible, testable, and evolvable ML-powered software.

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Comprehensive migration services include

Product development services

ML/AI Continuous Training

Continuous training is a software engineering practice that is specifically designed for ML/AI model development and deployment. It involves automatically retraining the model on a regular basis to ensure that it remains up-to-date and accurate.

Product development services

CI/CD Pipeline for ML

A robust automated CI/CD system is essential for ML pipelines in production, as it allows data science teams to rapidly explore new ideas and implement them in a reliable and efficient manner. With an automated CI/CD system in place, data scientists can focus on exploring new ideas around feature engineering, model architecture, and hyperparameters, without worrying about the time and effort required to build, test, and deploy the changes. The system can handle these tasks automatically, freeing up the data science team to focus on innovation and experimentation.

Some of our advantages

Some of the reasons our customers keep coming back to us.

Product development services

On time delivery

We'll provide you with a project estimate and we'll stick to that.

Product development services

Top rated developers

All our developers go through a 5 step vetting process and we make sure they are top notch and can deliver.

Product development services

Weekly reports

We have a team of deigners, content writers and ditial marketing executives that provide you the best of work.

Product development services

Dedicated project manager

The project will be co ordinated by a dedicated project manager so you have no hassles in communiacation. Whether it's SLack or email or ohone call, our project manager will be there for you whenever you need any suppory.

Product development services

Value for money

We make it a priority to ensure your ROI and also our pricing offers you a great value for your money and time.

Product development services

Privacy and Security

We'll never share any of your project deatils with anyone and all our developers are under a NDA with us. All you data and metrics are secure with us so you can focus on your business without any worries.

Our services provide a unique range of benefits

Trusted advisor

Your account manager can act as a trusted advisor, helping you to navigate the various options and capabilities available to you and providing recommendations on how to best achieve your objectives. They can also help you stay informed about new developments and updates that may be relevant to your business.

Economy of scale

As a business grows, its support structure needs to evolve to meet the changing needs and demands of the business. By using cloud services, it is typically easy to scale your business up or down as needed, simply by adjusting your resource usage.

Increased efficiency

By outsourcing your cloud needs to a team of experts, you can take advantage of their expertise and experience to ensure that your cloud deployment is successful and well-managed. These experts can help you design and implement an effective cloud strategy that meets your business needs, and provide ongoing support and guidance as you evolve and grow.

Tools and Frameworks

Open-source tools and frameworks can be a great way to build and deploy cloud-based applications, as they provide access to a wide range of proven technologies that can be used and customized as needed.

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