Managed image annotation services for AI, ML and CV applications

End to end managed services for your training data requirements.

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Image Annotation Outsourcing

We provide high-quality training and validation data powered by human intelligence to companies working on the AI space and help them better their machine learning models and algorithms.

Use Cases

Autonomous vehicle that needs trinning and validation image and video data

Autonomous Vehicles

We work with Video and Image data to provide accurate training and validation data for your self driving models.

Delivery drones for e commerce product delivery


Pixel perfect training and validation data for various industries like Logistics, Surveillance, Construction and Agriculture.

Training data for computer vision applications for polyp and tumoe detection


We work with medical experts for identification and segmention (Example: Tumors and Polyps) of medical imagery.

Image and Video annotation services for sports videos with short turnaround times

Sports Analytics

Tagging and tracking of events and players in sport video feeds to train prediction models in sports analytics industry.

Sports Analytis Solutinos

E Commerce

High volume image classification and data tagging of products for the E commerce industry that powers image dection algorithms.

NLP data services India

Natural Language Processing

We provide text annotation and translation services for companies working in the content moderation space.

Satallite image annotation outsourcing

Satellite Imagery

Our annotation services are used to train Deep Learning and Machine Learning models for earth and terrain observation.

Facial recognition

Computer Vision algorithms need highly accurate training data for Facial recognition and eye tracking applications.

 Robots in factories using computer vision for automation

Industrial Applications

Training data for Autonomous assembly robots in factories and robots in Cloud kitchen enabled with Computer Vision.

Impact Sourcing

We believe in giving back to the society and our employess who annotate data are from the socially and economically marginazed sections of the society. We work with the local chapter of the Ministry of Micro Small and Medicum Enterprises to train and employ people.

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Some of our advantages

We always look forward to forge long term relationships with our clients and it's because of the advantages we provide.

On time delivery

We also provide tangible results and measurable long-term value business.

Scalable Workforce

Want the output sooner ? Let us know and we'll scale our workforce based on your requirements.

No project management fee

There is no special project managment fee. You just have to pay for the annotations.

Dedicated project managers

Every project will have a dedicated project manager and support is just a call or mail or message away.

No Setup Fee

Again, no setup fees. You only pay for what you get.

Data Security

Your data is stored in seured servers and we are 100% accountable for it's security.

Frequently asked questions

How safe is my data ?

Your data security is of prime importance to us and your data is saved in our secure private servers and only people working on your project has physical access to the physical systems in our office.

Will you sign a NDA ?

Yes. We always start every project with an NDA. We sign NDA's even for our free trials.

How does the free demo work ?

Just send us the requirements with some sample data. After a brief call, we'll start working and if you are satisfied with the output we'll take this further. You won't be charged a dime for this.

What kind of data and formats do you work with ?

We work with Video, Images, Text, Audio and LiDAR.We work with JSON and CSV but it depends on you and what you prefer.

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